What is the difference between the Local Planning Authority and the Council in its Joint Venture capacity?

The Market Street application will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The council’s role as planning authority is entirely separate from its role as landowner and developer. This scheme will be subject to the same regulations as any other planning applications received by the council.

How tall will the new buildings be?

The buildings will range in height and fit within the scale of surrounding buildings of 8 to 17-storeys. The buildings will gradually step up in height bridging the scale of new developments from south to north along Market Street. 

Will there be any commercial elements included in the proposals?

Yes, it is proposed that flexible commercial space will be provided on the ground floor of Block A, and the ground and first floor of Blocks B and C.

What sustainability features will the development have?

Market Street will be a sustainable development including photovoltaic panels, sustainable travel measures, low carbon energy usage, ecological enhancements and charging points for electric vehicles.

How many homes will be provided on site?

The proposals comprise 169 residential units.

What is the mix of homes you are providing?

The homes provided will be a range of sizes, between 1, 2 and a few 3 bedroom properties. A proportion will also be designed to be wheelchair accessible, in line with local policy.

Will you provide any affordable homes?

25% of the homes will be affordable (a mix of shared ownership and affordable rented).

What is currently on the site and why are you re-developing it?

The site is currently cleared and is owned by Bracknell Forest Council. The Site is leased by Ringway Infrastructure Limited “Ringway” and is currently used as a highways depot, including for the storage of town centre materials. There is a strong need for more homes for local people, and by bringing more people into the heart of Bracknell, this will help stimulate economic activity. The Council is tasked with the delivery of around 600 new homes a year and this site would contribute to meeting this requirement. The commercial units will be flexible and varied to best respond to the changing nature of Bracknell Town Centre and demands of local residents.

How much parking will be provided on-site?

The proposal will provided a combination of on-site and off-site town centre parking.

Will you provide cycle storage?

Cycle storage is provided for all homes.

What is the timetable for construction?

Should the LPA grant planning approval for Market Street, works are anticipated to commence in 2022.

What is your plan for construction management?

A Construction Management Plan will be developed prior to commencing the works as part of planning. Countryside is a member of the Considerate Constructors scheme who will independently score us on the efforts we make to be considerate to our neighbours. A neighbourhood liaison officer who will be a point of contact should there be any concerns during the construction phase will also be appointed. The project team will be working closely with the local community to avoid disruptive activities.