Render of Market Street proposals

Market Street, Bracknell

Bracknell Forest Council and Countryside Properties have established a joint-venture known as Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership, which will continue the successful regeneration of Bracknell town centre following the launch of The Lexicon. Bracknell Forest Council sets the overall direction and objectives, drawing on Countryside’s experience and track record of creating attractive new homes and places.

Market Street is the second site to be submitted for planning from the Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership. This application proposes to deliver high quality residential apartments and commercial uses, enhancing the public realm and the wider town centre and its accessibility to and from the west.

Market Street is a key site within the Council’s long term aspirations of the ‘Bracknell Town centre Vision 2032’ report, which sets out how Bracknell will realise its potential as a strong town centre, serving a prosperous and dynamic area. The Market Street redevelopment is part of the first phase of sites to come forward under this strategy. 

We hosted two webinars for neighbours and businesses to ask questions and submit feedback on these proposals. These took place on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th June from 2pm and the evening of Wednesday 16th June from 6pm for an hour. You can view the presentation and watch a recording of the webinar via our consultation page by clicking here.